How To Cut Logs With A Chainsaw

Cutting a log with a chainsaw seems like cutting a piece of butter with a bread knife. It looks amazing. However, it looks simple, but the task is not easy at all. There was a proverb that, log or firewood warm you twice. Once when you cut it and when you burn it. Yes, it’s true. Cutting a log is an incredible approach to work up a sweat. But after the invention of the chainsaw, it is easier to cut logs or firewood by using chainsaw than a handsaw. However people can buy their firewood at the low price, but many people want to save some cost usually. Sometimes the high rate of firewood, they want to cut logs to keep their home warm in winter. This article is intended to guide a landlord, homeowner or any new chainsaw user. The beginners who want to cut logs for firewood, to clear debris after a tempest or for other needs.

Gathered tools and prepare

To start cutting, firstly you need to select cutting tools and an accurate place. Obviously, you should choose a suitable cutting tool like a gasoline chainsaw or an electric chainsaw. Your choice will depend on the size of the log or tree you have planned to cut. Generally, gas chainsaws are designed for the heavy task of cutting. So, it will be better if you choice such a chainsaw with a 16-inch bar length. After selecting the main cutting tool, you have to gather a few other tools. These tools would be an iron wedge, a plastic wedge, a splitting maul, a hammer, etc. These extra tools will help you to split the log into a usable piece. Select such a place where cutting will be safe and have enough free space.

Safety precautions

Cutting a log or tree with a chainsaw is one of the dangerous tasks. In that case, you have to be conscious about your safety. Before you start up your saw and start to cut it is critical to consider a few safety precautions that can save your life or limbs. You should follow the following list. It provides some basic safety rules-

  • First follow the safety rules of the user manual of your own operator
  • Wear ear protection
  • Wear safety glasses
  • Use hand gloves
  • Ensure safety clothing such as hats, pants, boots, etc
  • Take a cell phone with you if there should be an occurrence of mischance
  • Keep someone with you while cutting with chainsaw
  • Keep hands and other body parts far from the running chainsaw

How to cut logs

Make sure that all of your needed tools and safety rules are available then start to cut. Cutting logs or firewood is a combination of craftsmanship with material science.

So You have to follow some important rules and regulation to cut with a chainsaw. These rules are applied to anyone. Now, let’s start.

1. Take position

You should ensure that you are standing in a decent position when you are operating a chainsaw. It helps you to keep up a decent stance at all times. You have to take a position in an away that prevents fatigue and provides upper-body supports. Your feet ought to be spread extensively than your shoulder length. In that capacity, a position will empower your upper-body support the device easily. You should be careful about your loose footing. Make sure that there is nothing around the zone where you are standing such branches, cut pieces of wood, creature holes, etc. that could make loose footing.

2. Cutting strategy

There are two strategies of cutting logs with a chainsaw. You can either cut upwards or downwards. Downwards cut means placing the chainsaw over the woods and slicing through it. The upwards cut means putting the saw bellow the wood and cutting upwards through it. Generally, people follow the downwards technique to cut a tree or log. It is helpful to cut as gravity for the maximum part pulls the cut wood downwards. But in some cases when the tree or log is under a lot of pressure, cutting from the top will bring out the wood to pinch causing the saw to become stuck inside the cut. In this situation, you may need to cut upwards. To prevent larger logs from squeezing the saw chain, a plastic wedge can be used.

3. Cut branches first

It is the best ways to start cutting at the branch first before moving the trunk of the tree. Start by cutting the small branches of the tree which are too small for firewood. Put the saw at the base of these branches and cut them smoothly. Place the blade of the saw at the part of the log or limb where they are attached to the main tree.

4. Adjust/ balance

Find bigger and stronger branches fro the cut limbs to hold the tree trunk over the ground. Use them as a reliable support when you are cutting the log. Build up an arrangement for cutting the tree. It will elevate the trunk for easier cutting. It will also ensure you that your chainsaw won’t interact with dust, debris or dirt. Otherwise, this dirt and dust can dull your saw very quickly.

5. Trunks

Now come to the trunk cutting process. The diameter of the tree will gradually thicken as you progress your cutting from the top of the tree towards the trunk. Continue your cutting upwards or downwards. In that case just follow one thing; it’s important to work the saw at the different angle. Cut the wood at 45-degree angle or as an A-confined house. When both sides of the logs are equally cut, you have to finish cutting. It will be easier to cut a heavy log.

Half-Cut System

Sometimes the trunk can be too substantial to lift off the ground. If a trunk is too heavy to lift from the ground, it is very tough to cut the trunk into smaller pieces. It is also difficult to keep the saw chain from cutting trough soil and debris. For this situation, you should apply the Half-Cut technique.

  • Pre-cut each section of the tree to the size of firewood you want or any other manageable length.
  • Leave about 2-3 inches of each cut finished.
  • Roll the trunk over until you can get the uncut side.
  • Last cut through the trunk carefully until the cuts meet.

Now, finish the cut.

Cutting logs with a chainsaw is not a rocket science. Chainsaw is one of the riskiest hand-tools ever which must be handled with care. Learning to cut your own firewood will spare you many dollars in yearly warming expense. Also, you should choose the best cutting chainsaw that matches with your requirements. Cutting firewood is one kind of physical exercise which gives you much pleasure. But keep in mind, it’s a risky task. If you are a beginner and feel something uncomfortable, call someone experienced. He can help you perfectly.

5 Tips for Chainsaw Maintenance

Chainsaw is a handy tool for cutting, chopping, felling, climbing and so on. It is easy to use if you have proper knowledge about it. It runs on AC/DC power or gasoline. It has two main part. One is chainsaw blade which is attached to its body, and another is the engine which is fixed with gasoline tank. When chainsaw blade reaches wood, the moving chain tears down the surface of the wood.

Chainsaw is pretty much heavy to carry.Chainsaw needs maintenance once a year, and it needs to be cleaned after work. Your saw requires very little maintenance for the amount of work you do. There are some few things you can do for your chainsaw to increase the performance and lifetime.

Here are 5 tips to make your chainsaw better:

1. Basic Maintenance-Every time after work you need to clean out the inside of chain break cover. It is placed under the chainsaw blade and beside the chainsaw body. Open the two bolts which are attached to the chain break cover. You can see the plenty amount of saw dust which is stuck with the chain breaker. Remove the bar and chain to access sprocket area. Apply carburetor cleaner on the sawdust, so the carburetor will break down the dust and then scrape away the dust. Remove the dust from the body too.

2. Replacing Spark Plug-Remove the top cover to access the spark plug. Open the spark plug boot and unscrew the spark plug of the chainsaw. You can buy a new spark plug from your local shop. Put the new plug in and tighten the plug. Then close it with the spark plug boot.

3. Replacing Air Filter- Each chainsaw may have a different air filter. But no need to worry because the mechanism and process are same. Open the air filter by tightening the screw with the screwdriver. Some of it may have a couple of screws, and some of it may have an only clip. Be careful when you remove the filter and be sure that there is no dust on the intake. You can buy new air filter from the shop. Now attach the new air filter on the chainsaw and tight up to the screw. Now place the cover on the top of the chainsaw. Tight up to the screw of the body.

4. Replacing Fuel Filter- To get access to the fuel filter you need to open the fuel plug. It is located on the side of the chainsaw body. Open the cover of the fuel tank by using a wrench. The fuel filter is in deep down of the tank. Use thin pincer to fish out of the tank. You can have the filter on the local shop. Now replace the filter with the new one, put it inside of the body and close the fuel plug.

5. Sharpen The Tooth of Chain- After a long-term work, the blades of chainsaw gets smooth or broken. So if you don’t want to replace the blade then attach the chainsaw body to a place where it will not move. Then mark the teeth which are not sharp. Use chainsaw sharpening file to sharp the blades. Rub one or 2 times until you are satisfied.

Conclusion-Chainsaw is a heavy duty tool but still it needs proper maintenance. If you follow these 5 steps, I believe your chainsaw will work much better than before. You need to do it once in a year. Every electrical gadget needs proper maintenance so do chainsaw. And be careful about merging up all the components you opened.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Chainsaw

An Electric Chainsaw is a precious tool for both household and professional works. A house owner should have an electric chainsaw for trimming quickly of the yard trees and branches, sometimes take down trees and also large bushes. Professionals generally need an electric chainsaw for their professional works and also sometimes for trim Arts. So the chainsaw is also necessary to the artists.

If you are planning to get an electric chainsaw, then it is quite important for you to get aware of the “Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Chainsaw.”

You are in the right place to get some useful information in the term of “Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Chainsaw.”

Advantages of an Electric Chainsaw:

Easy to Operate: If you are a homeowner and want to buy an electric chainsaw then, it will be a wise decision because the electric one is very easier to operate and enough powerful for doing any work. Whatever, if you want to buy it for household or professional need, it will give you a safety and smooth finish.

You don’t need to carry the extra weight of gas or fuel tank by using an electric chainsaw. Also, you don’t need to pull the cord anymore, you just plug the cable and start cutting that’s it. So, you are getting smooth operation by this electric one.

Kickback: As the Electric chainsaw is less powerful than the chainsaws which operate by gas so, the electric one creates less violence and avoid the kickback problems. The electric model has designed safety chains who reduced all the possibilities of kickback. This new technology is quite safe for homeowners. For that we can tell an electric chainsaw as a best chainsaw in the market.

No need to add fuel or gas: The operating system with the help of electricity is very much easier than the gas of fuel running operations. You absolutely don’t need any of additional oil or gas to operate this one. Moreover, the gas or fuel systems need to cool down before refill it. And they contain extra tanks so that they are heavier.

Easy to Start: An Electric Chainsaw doesn’t need to pull the cord or prime the engine to start, just push a bottom and go on. Gas Chainsaw can be flooded if the tank will over filled but with the electric one you don’t need to face these problems at all. This thing makes the Electric chainsaw more efficient and safe for the users.

Make less Noise: An Electric Chainsaw doesn’t make that type of disgusting sound as like the gas operated chainsaw do. Sometimes you have to work in your home or nearby a hospital or a school, in this situation this noise can harm people and can be more disturbing for them. The Electric Chainsaw don’t need to heat the engine by making the fuel hot for better work so, it doesn’t make harmful and disturbing noise around its workplace. This technology saves your ears from being harmed.

Power Storage: Now, New technologic Cordless Chainsaws has been produced which has designed to store the power for using where there is no electricity nearby. By this, you can now work without plug the cord. You just need to recharge it and use it when you need the stored power. There has another technology that will help you to sharpen your chainsaw  chains to cut your things in the proper way.

Disadvantages of Electric Chainsaw:

Lack of Power: The main disadvantage of the Electric chainsaw is that this chainsaw could not produce a high range of power which could be generated by a gas operated chainsaw. Because of the only use of the electricity, this chainsaws are unable to give the dominant performance and can’t do the heavier works. But now many of successful companies are designing new technologic Electric chainsaw which will able to produce a high range of power and so all the more substantial works safely.

Short Bars: Another notable disadvantage of the Electric chainsaws is the short cutting blocks of these chainsaws. As the chainsaw runs only with the help of electricity and they don’t have any fuel power so, the cutting bars of the chainsaw are much shorter than the gas ones. Where the chain bar of a gas chainsaw can be maximum up to 40 inches long in the same place, a chain bar of an electric chainsaw can be just maximum 15 inches long. So, you can face a huge problem with this short bar.

Power Cord: The biggest disadvantage of an Electric Chainsaw is it needs to plug a cord for starting the engine, and the cable is attached with the chainsaw while working with this. It is quite impossible to use the chainsaw in such a place where there is no electric plug. So you are unable to use it far from your house. So, the electric one is not easily portable as like the gas chainsaw.

Adjustment: Another problem you might have to face with an electric chainsaw is with its adjustability. These electric chainsaws are designed with the safety first technology. These safety first rules often make your work more difficult that you can’t concentrate on your tasks by following these special rules. You might face some problems while oiling the chains, cutting the cord and short bars, shaping the chains and also cleaning the parts too. So, the electric chainsaw comes with some irritating safety rules and extra tools which are sometimes break your works.

Well, electric chainsaws are lighter and easier using tools for you. It is mostly suitable for the household works because it has an extra cable to carry with it. Like all other electric engines, it has some advantages and disadvantages. It is all up to you that you need to choose the type according to your need and type of your work.

We tried to describe some “Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Chainsaw”for helping you to choose the perfect chainsaw  according to your need. Moreover, there are some popular companies are now designing chainsaw with all new technologies and all new features to make your work easier and safe to you.  

How to Operate a Chainsaw

Chainsaws are known as a very useful tools now-a-day. By the help of this tools, the heavier works have become easier today. Chainsaw is equally helpful to the house owners and the professionals too.

Moreover, it can be dangerous to operate a chainsaw. Many of injuries occur with this tool if the user does not remain careful. If you are planning to buy or borrow a chainsaw for your work then, you should be aware of operating a Chainsawalso its safety requirements.

We are here to discuss“How to Operate a Chainsaw”entirely and carefully.

Steps to operate a chainsaw:

Read the manual: If you are going to use the chainsaw first time, then carefully read the manual that the chainsaw comes with or it contains on its box. Reading the manual is an important thing for every tool before operating the machine. It will solve all the quarries that produced on your mind before starting the device.

Choose the perfect model: If you are planning to buy a chainsaw then research about the sound design according to your comfort. Make sure you will be comfortable working with your new chainsaw. Because you can’t work smoothly with a chainsaw if you feel irritated while working with this. That’s why try to choose the perfect one.

Be careful about your working place: Usually, the chainsaw is used for cutting trees or branches and also for trimming. It is imperative that you need to be careful about the place you are working. As an example, if you are going to cut a big tree, make sure that the place is a busy road where cars and other vehicles are running or are it nearby house or shops. You have to make sure that no one got hurt or harmed with your work.

Recognize the common cuts: Before starting your tasks, you should aware of the standard cutting positions. Those are, if you are cutting a tree from down, it will call “Felling.” In this case, you can cut trees directly from the root. The second one is “Limbing” that is if you are removing the limbs of the trees. This process can be followed both before and after cutting the tree from the root. Another one is “Trimming” which is very familiar to us. Trimming is the way to cut the limbs back and trim them. The last one is “Bucking.” It is the way by which people cut the trunk of the trees to use in the fireplaces.

Correct Fuel: if you are using the gas chainsaw then, be careful to fill the gas tank of your chainsaw with the proper fuel.

Safety check: Always do a safety check before starting your tool. Check the sharpness of the chain and the lock of the gas tank carefully.

Cool down before storing: If you have done your work completely then cool down and give rest to the tool before store it. It is very much essential for the engine.

Always remain careful and aware about your tool. Like other tools, a chainsaw also needs proper care and perfect use. Follow the tips about “How to operate a Chainsaw” before start cutting.